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The Benefits of Applying Automotive Window Film…





Stealth Audio and Window Tint in Yuba City and Chico, Carry Rayno carbon ceramic window Film to suit your style and your budget.



Window film is an amazing product and offers many needs and benefits:-

Tinting your car windows preserves the resale value and raises “curb appeal”.

Automotive Window Tint: it looks great and makes sound economic sense.

* Protection –  Protect your vehicle upholstery from damaging sun and ultraviolet


* Comfort – Helps reduce hot spots and Glare. Keeps your vehicle cooler in the

summer and warmer in the winter.

* Privacy – Give your family the privacy and security they deserve. Help block out

unwanted people from seeing inside.

* Glare Reduction – Reduce annoying glare, resulting in more comfort for you and

your passengers.

* Safety –  Protect yourself and your vehicle. Holds tempered glass together!

* Resale –   Add resale to your vehicle. (Even on lease cars!)

* Reduce Energy –  Extend HVAC Life – Reduce demand on Heating, Ventilation,

and Air Conditioner.

* Appearance – Aesthetic Enhancement – Drastically enhance the look of your vehicle.

Give it a sleek and stylish appearance.

* Security –  Prevent theft in a smash-and-grab situation.


window tinting in Yuba City, CA

Skin Cancer Foundation:

Do You Know…?

Year-round sun protection is important. The sun can penetrate through automobile and residential windows.

It can damage your eyes, contributing to cataracts, macular degeneration, and eyelid cancers. Recently, to combat these hidden  dangers,  The Skin Cancer Foundation, expanded its Seal of Recommendation program.

Now, in recognition of the need for extra forms of sun protection, several other types of products have been awarded the Seal as well, including . . . a UV- protective automobile window film.

Babies’ skin is extremely sensitive and can burn easily. In fact, babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of the sun.

More teenagers and young adults are being diagnosed with skin cancer than ever before. This includes a rise in the deadliest form of skin cancer – melanoma.

Surgeon General Issues Skin Cancer Warning, Tint Shops Respond | Window Film Magazine

Surgeon General Issues Skin Cancer Warning, Tint Shops Respond

American Academy of Dermatology:

Tinting automobile glass is an option that allows 3.8 times less UVA light to be transmitted to the interior of the car as compared to untinted window glass.  In a 2004 study of UV transmission and color tint, grey tinted laminated glass provided the highest UV protection with only 0.9 percent of UVA light transmitted versus 62.8 percent transmitted through non-laminated clear glass.  People who are considering tinting their windows should take their car to a professional auto detailing shop, in order to ensure that the tinting meets the federally mandated 70 percent of minimum visible light transmittance through the windshield.


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